A professional and beautiful showroom creates excellent value for your company and can be used for a lot more than you think. We have more than 50 years of experience in developing innovative, high-quality showrooms.

An enticing showroom increases your sales channels

An innovative showroom can do much more than you think. We listen to your wishes and dreams and translate them into a beautiful and functional physical environment that creates experiences for your visitors.


How we work with showrooms

3D and VR

Our experienced and creative architects and designers translate your brief and wishes into an innovative and unique solution.

We design with optimal exposure of your company in mind and with attention to detail, high quality and functional solutions.

We use both 3D visualisations and VR presentations to make sure you understand all the details of your project and are involved in the quality assurance of all solutions.

We make sure that both expression and functionality are top-notch and give a convincing and complete impression. We have experience with many different types of displays and showrooms and are always happy to take on a challenge if you have a unique project.

Flow of experience

In a showroom, you have the opportunity to give visitors precisely the experience you want.

For example, you can show a graphical timeline of the company's history or all the technical details of the product or service you sell. You can use a combination of physical models and AV solutions to illuminate the item frommultiple angles.

We advise you on the optimal framework for the items you want to display, so that both flexibility and aesthetics are paramount.

Online streaming

A modern showroom can be used for more than you think.

You can get extra value from your showroom by optimising it for video recording. For example, the right design allows plenty of room to move around with a camera, lighting kits, etc., so you can record movies or do onlinestreaming sessions.

This way, you can hold small special events, live streaming with customers or record educational material in your showroom.


Sustainabilityis a natural and integral part of our business model. We are committed and serious about our own CO2 reduction through the internationally recognised Science Based Targets initiative. This ensures quality and consistency in our performance reporting.

In this way, we ensure that we work consciously with our entire value chain. As a result, you can confidently choose us as your supplier if the environment and sustainability are on your agenda.

Of course, we will advise you during the process of developing your project so that sustainability is reflected in a way that suits your business.

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Nothing is left to

We have full control over the value chain. We can guarantee you extremely high supply security and quality, with everything in-house. With 50+ years of experience in the exhibition industry, where there is no room for a single mistake, our setup has been tested in its entirety.

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You don't have to
take our word for it

Many customers use us year after year for their exhibition stands, shop fitting, shop-in-shops, etc. We call this a total partnership.

"Oticon har samarbejdet med Jysk Display i 10 år, og vi har altid fået en helt unik stand, der differentierer sig fra andre med præcis det udtryk, vi ville have fra starten.

Det er en fornøjelse at arbejde med et så professionelt firma, der har 100% styr på processen - lige fra første brief til det sidste logo er påsat.

Jeres entusiasme, indlevelse og eksekvering er eksemplarisk og som kunde, føler man sig altid hørt - også selvom man kan være lidt besværlig. Der er altid smil på læben hos alle medarbejdere hos Jysk Display."

Jette Borner
Project manager, Oticon

A functional showroom

A nice and functional showroom can be a great investment for your company. Here you can, for example, rehearse product set-ups for your suppliers, stream online content for online training or invite guests to special screenings with content, especially for them. It's a place where you can cultivate the story of your brand, your history and what makes you special.

We can help you find the right solution for your showroom.

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