Caring for our planet and the people around us is a fundamental part of our business.


At Jysk Display, we think it's only natural to get involved in a more sustainable world.

We work with social sustainability, taking an active part in helping vulnerable people into the labour market. We participate in mentoring, apprenticeship and internship schemes in cooperation with the Confederation of Danish Industry and the Job Centre in Viborg. We greatly benefit from employees who have a different approach than us. We celebrate diversity and different skills.

Our journey towards a more climate-conscious and sustainable business has only just begun, and we want to improve year after year.
We are the first company in our industry to sign up to the ambitious Science Based Targets initiative, committing to actively contributing to the Paris Agreement goals. We're proud of that, because we don't believe in half-measures but in constant progress towards a better world.

How we work with

Measurable results

We are committed and serious about our own C02 reductions through the internationally recognised Science Based Targets initiative, ensuring quality and consistency in our performance reporting.

We are committed to publishing our overall results annually so that our results are transparent and available to everyone. We have set ourselves ambitious targets and are committed to the Paris Agreement's objective of reducing CO2emissions. We think this is the only way forward.

We have always tried to optimise processes and reduce waste. Our business model, by primarily creating unique concepts that are modular and reusable, also delivers a significant gain in our carbon footprint, both for our company and for our customers, measured on a stand-by-stand basis.

In this way, we also ensure that we work consciously with our entire value chain. As a result, you can confidently choose us as your supplier if the environment and sustainability are on your agenda. It's at the top of our list.

No idea is too small

Our organisation is made up of innovative and passionate people who contribute daily with ideas of optimisation and making our business greener and more sustainable. Thus, we are proud of the many small ideas we have gotten together. All the ideas help us, the environment and the planet.

Here is a small selection:

- Our electricity is certified 100% supplied by wind energy.
- Our transport boxes are filled with used carpets from exhibition stands.
- We have a library of surplus materials from previous projects that we can pick from for new projects.
- We have a large rental stock with a wide range of furniture and fixtures that we use for many of our exhibition stands. This extends the life of each fixture and piece of furniture.
- We reuse as many raw materials as we can by repainting, sanding or renovating. The rest is carefully sorted so that it can be given new life.
- Our grasslands are left with uncut grass to increase biodiversity and care for insects and small animals.


When developing your new design, we at Jysk Display have prioritised materials that meet today's requirements for sustainability. Sustainability is a complex issue, and it can be challenging to know what the right choice is.

Some materials can be used over and over again, giving them a long life. Even if the material itself is not sustainable, it can still sometimes be the right choice.

We advise you on the choices that make the most sense in your situation, both interms of materials and construction methods. Together, we ensure a lower carbon footprint and a greener future.

For example, our own paint is a water-based coating, specially developed by Teknos, in collaboration with us. This means that no toxic fumes or residual chemicals are involved during production, use or disposal. It's good for the environment, for our employees and for your indoor climate when you receive the product for your new office.

Subcontractors & partners

At Jysk Display, it is a priority and a goal that the subcontractors we buy from share our commitment, goals and vision of sustainability for a greener future.

As a result, we set high standards for our partners and suppliers. This includes both suppliers of raw material and forwarding agencies.

Social sustainability

Sustainability, for us, is not just about the environment. We want sustainable growth of our society on several parameters.

Our people are not "one size fits all" and that is our strength. We all have different skills, and when we meet others who think differently from us, we develop both ourselves and our ideas.

That's why we prioritise recruitment across all age groups, genders and ethnicities.
We think it makes us a better place to work. We consider this to be natural and our responsibility as a company and workplace.

We work consciously with sustainability in all parts of our value chain


The idea phase

In the idea phase of a project, we always start with a meeting, where the customer's wishes and needs are identified. This includes how, and to what extent, sustainable solutions will be part of the finished project.

We pass the ball back and forth during the sketching process, ensuring that all expectations are met. This allows us to choose the right design solutions that are the most sustainable choice in each scenario.



We always have optimisation in mind in our production, so almost nothing is wasted. We ensure that the materials we use have the least possible impact on the environment. For example, we only use water-based paint, specially developed by Teknos in cooperation with us. This means that no toxic fumes or residual chemicals are involved during production, use or disposal. We are happy to reuse residual materials in other projects or ensure that any waste is sorted and disposed of in the best possible way.


Project management

We use professional project management tools to ensure the most optimal processes. This ensures that everything is produced and set up on time and that we use no more resources than necessary. Rather than throwing things out after a single use and starting afresh every time, we build in good quality that can be used repeatedly. That's why we specialise in creating unique concepts that are modular and can be used again and again - year after year.

We have a major focus on optimising shipments to and from our company in Viborg. Inefficiency in packing goods would have a significant impact on our overall carbon footprint and the environment. By packing our goods sensibly, minimising their volume, we ensure, together with our subcontractors, that transport is optimised, thereby helping to reduce our overall carbon footprint.

Sustainable design

Your new exhibition stand or showroom can also have a sustainable starting point. We advise you on which materials and which construction methods provide the most sustainable solutions. Indeed, finding the right sustainable solution does not follow a fixed model for every stand design or interior design proposal.

Competence and consultancy

We want to be your professional sounding board, where we jointly find the right solution for you. We keep up to date with the latest solutions on the market and make sure we can offer the materials and furniture that are relevant to you.

Sustainability is a difficult concept

Measuring the sustainability of a given project on an accurate andcomparable basis is a challenging and complicated process. Therefore, we havechosen to work with our CO2 emissions in production, office,logistics, etc. Here we can make a difference, and with our connection toScience Based Targets, you can also see our results and commitment. We thinkthis is the best way to work openly and reliably with sustainability.

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